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Fundraise with gift cards all year long
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daily fund raiser
Earn cash every time
you shop online.
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daily fund raiser
The easiest way to fundraise is with gift cards!

Free to sign up, start earning today!

Discover new retailers, specials, sales, and online deals


It’s free and easy! Once your group signs up, your supporters can access hundreds of offers to earn money for your team, club group, or charity, and you don’t need to be a registered charity.


Start at your custom site, buy a gift card or shop like you always do. Find new savings and fundraising opportunities every day.


Your group’s referral fees add up every month and then we disburse one payment the next month. The more you promote your year-round fundraiser, the more you can earn.

How does it work?

Simple steps on the road to success

Start a free program for your group

Complete our simple enrollment form and we will have you up and running in just a few days. 
It’s free, easy, there are no on-going commitments, and you can stop anytime.

Invite your members and fans to join

Once you are approved, your group can share your unique site address via fundraising meetings, emails, newsletters, etc. Your fans will be pleased to help you…at no cost to themselves.

Buy gift cards at our site and save money

Your fans can choose from one hundred+  gift card offers, all of which generate fundraising income for you. Receive your gift cards by email and start spending Go forth and fundraise!

Gift cards for all of your shopping

Gift card rewards are much more productive than any other type of fundraising method






Free to sign up, start earning today!


Join tens of thousands of other customers




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